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So why pepper?

Is that the name? Why a nickname?

I have always had a nickname. "Pepper" is an invention of the cashier at the supermarket :-)

In the beginning as a coach when I sent a resume no one came back to me, until I decided to change my first name to Pepper and Hop Hop I suddenly aroused interest, funny huh?

All my life I have coached in different ways and I officially started training sports in 2007

Throughout my life I have practiced in all types of sports, for me sports are the real psychologist, confidence, quiet, serenity, joy, general nerves!

I will say it simply: "make love with the body"

This is the moment I am most connected to myself.

What are my trainings?

Fitness and health trainer

Kickboxing Instructor

Spinning instructor

TRX Instructor

Coaches pregnant women and postpartum

Third age training

Early childhood education

Pilates Instructor

Cross Fit Class

My I believe

Your laziness is my motivation.

Do not believe in my beginner classes, do not think it survives for a long time and do not believe in "I will not succeed"

Believes that each and every one in training cuts only what he is capable of until he adapts!

The stairs to ourselves were built in training and no matter how much and when no matter how!

Any training can be done within our capabilities until we reach our own goal alone or within a group.


I went back to training after two years almost exclusively thanks to you!
The best coach there is ♥ ️
The most perfect workouts! And the most fun is that it's at home and you do not have to get dressed and go out to practice

Gaia Biderman

Pepper is no longer a trainer, she is a mentor, beyond the technique and professionalism that is of course first and foremost, she will never let go of you until you complete the whole set in full.
Regardless of the crazy charisma this girl has, she will not let you fall and stop.
Pepper is your motivation !!! She spurs you on and she just does not get the word - no.
When I want to be big, I want to be like her. "

Tal Kantor Diamonds

I have known Pepper for 6 years !!

6 years of perfect training that no training is like another not even once !!
A coach who just pushes you forward, professional, responsible and most of all full of pepper

Liat Greenberg

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