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10 week plan - sculpted all the way to the canopy

  • 10Weeks
  • 78Steps


Hi sculpted all the way to the canopy :-) Mazel Tov!!! What fun you chose me to accompany you to the canopy :-) Or at least accompany you during this time to the canopy. So what will you get in the program? * Improving physical fitness * Strengthening and toning the body *Weight loss * Energy and power * Releasing pressure But perhaps most importantly - you get to the wedding when you fly on your own :-) This is a very intense program that combines 4 workouts a week: 1. Core and core training (CORE) - about 30-40 minutes 2. Combined training - about 30-40 minutes 3. Quick workout (quickie) about 12 minutes 4. Aerobic activity to choose from (running, walking, dancing, swimming, etc.) about 20-30 minutes * The program has 3 menus to choose from when they can be replaced every 14 days * Each participant in the program will be added to a dedicated WhatsApp group where you can consult Pepper at any time Now it's just up to you - join me in the program and I promise that if you stick to the rules, be precise and persistent - you will achieve impressive results! * As part of the training, fitness equipment is used, such as: hand weights, a fitness band with handles for the legs, a loop band for the legs, a stool or an aerobic step - all of the above equipment has substitutes for daily use at home, such as: drinking bottles, cans and more. At any time on the subject. * Please note, I am a sports nutrition consultant and I am not a clinical dietitian, The program is suitable for healthy women without background illnesses / eating disorders / health problems of one kind or another.

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