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Training program for pregnant and postpartum women

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Hey it's pepper :-) I would like to invite you to a training program designed for pregnant and postpartum women, this is a program that is built gradually and measured and is suitable for everyone, whether you are fit or not. I am a certified instructor for pregnant and postpartum women with extensive knowledge in restoring the abdomen and pelvic floor to their normal condition. Over the years I have trained hundreds of trainees during and after pregnancy and during my pregnancy I have adhered to the same principles that have helped me build this program for you. The time allotted to you to use the program is half a year and the time between workouts is set by you so as not to make you rush and progress at a pace that feels right to you. The program includes 16 recorded workouts and recommendations on how to conduct yourself between them. Each participant in the program is invited to join a dedicated WhatsApp group where you can ask me any questions and share experiences with other practitioners. Pregnancy is full of emotional storms and sometimes needs some way to release the tension from us, physical training claims the level of endorphins, which are used as natural painkillers and are known to contribute to a positive mood. Join me on this journey, it can only do you good :-) The program is not intended for women with a high-risk pregnancy and it is important that you obtain permission from your attending physician to exercise. * In some of the training we will use hand weights, a rubber band with handles for the hands and a rubber band for wrapping around the thighs - you can also use household aids such as cans, drinking bottles, etc. - you are welcome to consult with me to know what to prepare ahead of time. * It will not be possible to cancel a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations, 2010 in section 6 (a), subsections 7 and 8, and in light of this, it is not possible to cancel a purchase made on the website after receiving the service and / or product. "The user. For more details, you can contact the rules page on the website.

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